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1600w-artsign1Theorem Painting Exhibit now Open at Colonial Williamsburg

As a contemporary folk artist specializing historically based theorem painting many years, I am very excited to share the news that Colonial Williamsburg has just opened a long term exhibit on theorem painting in their art museums. I was asked to contribute to the exhibit by participating in a video being shown on how I paint a theorem. It is a vanishing art form, learn what it is. CLICK HERE to learn more!




video-tapingVideo Taping Theorem Painting Process

I was asked by Laura P Barry, associate curator at Colonial Williamsburg to illustrate how a theorem is painted. Colonial Williamsburg has a fine filming department so I was filmed there. The video we produced this past summer is approximately three minutes long and  is part of the exhibit in the Guyton Gallery.



photoshoot3Theorem Exhibit Colonial Williamsburg

The exhibit mainly consists of antique theorems that are a part of their collection. The subjects of theorems were mostly fruit and floral still life. They were usually painted on cream colored cotton velveteen fabric. Theorems are executed with the aid of hand cut stencils.


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