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lenny-mLeonard Marschark- 18th Century Clocks

Leonard Marschark has been building clocks since 1994, but has enjoyed working with wood and cabinetry as a hobbyist all of his life.  It wasn’t until the lure of hand-painted dials caught his eye that he devoted himself to creating the magnificent, historical frames for these dials, frames we call grandfathers’ clocks or tall-case clocks.  Since then, his passion is to find the most striking figured hardwoods out of which to create replicas of the famous works of Simon Willard, Christian Bixler, Daniel Rose, Erastus Rude, the Solliday family clock makers of his hometown of Bedminster, and other early American clock makers.

Using techniques of the old masters, he recreates celebrated designs with the same precision and attention to detail as the originals.  He uses exact copies of the old brass movements, which are hand crafted today by this country’s leading expert movement maker, David Lindow.  Each dial is hand-painted to the customer’s specifications and can be a copy of a traditional dial or personalized to suit the customer.  or 215-795-0375

Guests are welcome to visit his home studio or can see Leonard at the upcoming Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show on September 17th and 18, 2016  The show will be held at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA and is sponsored by BC Design, Bucks County Magazine and Bucks County Soapstone.  All proceeds benefit the Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy. FMI visit